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Welcome to online database of folk music.

With the European folk sessions, workshop / ethno tunes and historical folk music as main focus, this ever growing archive is meant for everyone who loves folk music. ...Read on!

Recordings, videos, sheet music, infos... browse through the collection or post something, too! Register or log in...


Check out the events calendar, covering festivals, workshops, ethnos etc. and presenting them in a big map.

And: add your event! :-)


Listen and watch to learn new tunes or songs! Audio and video recordings with sheetmusic, infos about artists, events etc.

Latest sound recordings:


Videos are great for learning new tunes, studying performance styles etc. ...
Latest videos:

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(3 days ago)

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(6 days ago)

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(5 weeks ago)

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(5 weeks ago)

La Grand'Bete - 5 weeks ago
Bourrée des Dindes - 5 weeks ago
En Avant Blonde - 5 weeks ago
Genova - 9 weeks ago
Le Papillon - 9 weeks ago
Sansonette - 10 weeks ago

A collection of over 1000 tunes / songs (and still growing fast), with sheet music and lyrics. Also put your own printable tunebooks together.

Latest songs / tunes

La Grand'Bete (g-äolisch) (FR) - 2 days ago
Pippi Långstrump - 3 days ago
Old people's waltz (SE) - 5 days ago
Far (SE) - 5 days ago
Lustspels 5-årsvals - 2 weeks ago
Slängpolska från Mörkö (SE) - 5 weeks ago
L'ombre verde (FR) - 5 weeks ago
Jan mijne man (NL) - 6 weeks ago
Snosti e Dobra II (BG) - 7 weeks ago
Bourrée du Val de Loire - 8 weeks ago
Bourrée d'Oulches (DE) - 8 weeks ago


Share knowledge, thoughts, ideas - use the forum, write your blog...

 Latest forum and blog postings

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People & Bands

See who the people are from all parts of the world, who compose, play, collect, teach the music. Learn about bands and organisations.

Added recently

Person: Dom "Piano Domino" - 4 days ago
Organisation: A Deux Bals (FR) - 4 days ago
Person: Jan Kristof Schliep (DE) - 2 weeks ago
Person: Tomás del Real - 10 weeks ago
Person: Jean-Christophe Lequerré - 15 weeks ago
Person: Niek van Uden (NL) - 16 weeks ago
Music Group: Duo Dans l'air (NL) - 16 weeks ago
Music Group: (NL) - 16 weeks ago
Music Group: Les Piliers de Bal (FR) - 17 weeks ago
Music Group: Tapage - 18 weeks ago
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