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Tune book printer working again!

The ABC tunebook printing utility, which used to have a formatting problem recently, is now working 100% once again!

Check it out on with your favourite tunebook from

Long server downtime

Apologies. Our server on has had a very long downtime today, lasting for a couple of hours. The provider is normally very reliable and quick, so they really must've had a problem. If it happens again, I'll have to search for a new one...


As there seems to be the need for some discussion, I have now installed a forum... ;-)
You can find it here!

The possibility of commenting tunes etc. will still be fully there.

Filters for Tunes & Events listings

Just implemented some filter possibilities for some listings, like

Makes layout less clear maybe, but should improve usability - feedback please! ;-)

Any requests? ;-)

Any wishes what I should post next? Please write! There's lots of stuff still on my hard disk waiting to be put online - quite a lot of sound and video recordings from Etno Histria '09, but also from other events.

So: don't be shy! Otherwise you might have to wait for ages till your personal favourite finally shows up here... don't say you haven't been warned!

Communication on

Hi everybody,

just thinking: if we mainly want to keep this as an archive / media resource without much community features it's fine with me. But it's of course also possible to enable / encourage more communication, if we want it... forums, groups, whatever.
Facebook serves this (and photo albums) better, probably. But, on the other side, a nice particular folk musicians community could also be good...
So: what do you think? Comments welcome! ;-)


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