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Disclaimer is a non commercial website, set up solely for educational and scientific purposes.

Generally speaking, this is an open folk music database, offering the possibility of sharing traditional and folk music from all over the world with some focus on European traditions. It contains a wealth of tunes and songs, collected from different sources, video and audio recordings and background info on musicians, groups, organisations, events, publications.

Content can be submitted by all users. This includes sheet music, info, sound recordings etc. For details on how this works, please consult the user manual.

The services provided by this website are free of use, but of course only for non-commercial purposes and in a friendly, respectful manner towards the fellow users. This doesn't mean you are not, for instance, allowed to play tunes you found here. But you can't simply take content (recordings, sheet music etc.) from this website and simply publish them without asking for permission.

So, if you want to use content from this page, for instance for another website or a publication- like a tunebook or an article, it's obligatory to ask the user who has posted it for copyright. If you don't know how to do contact someone, please contact the admin, who will assist you.

Also for further questions please contact the site admin: stoneyfiddler (...AT...) gmail (...DOT...) com

If you find any content which you think should not be there, being inappropriate or in your opinion infringing copyright laws, please contact us immediately so content can be removed or changed accordingly.

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