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Welcome to online archive of traditional and folk music.

Recordings, videos, sheet music, infos... all user submitted, open to anyone who wants to communicate trad / folk music!

Having its roots in the international Ethno Movement, this website strives to be of use not only for ethno participants but everyone who's fallen in love with folk music from all different traditions.

At it's heart, is an online collection of tunes and songs...
...linked with...
...people or bands who play them, (like ethnos, workshops etc.) where they've been taught, and sound recordings,
...books in which they are printed,
...and more.

If you are looking for sheet music and recordings of favourite tunes and maybe some additional info, you are definitely at the right place!
And, even better ;-) if you want to help building up this archive of trad/folk music from many different countries, you can contribute: post tunes, help with your knowledge, with feedback and testing...

Some more ideas:

  • Commercial content (audio/video recordings etc.) not allowed here, sorry... both to avoid copyright issues and because this is not a promotion platform (myspace, facebook, virb etc. serve this purpose well, so why create another one of these?). Exception: if you are the copyright holder and the recording serves to document a particular playing style or a tune contained in the database, it's OK to post it.
    This platform might still help promoting you and your work in a more viral way... ;-)
  • Original compositions are allowed, if there are no copyright issues and if they fit in a trad./folk music background in one or the other way.
  • The main notation standard here ist ABC notation, a very clever way to write down music just with letters and other ASCII-characters. There are lots of tutorials online on how to read and write it correctly. Don't be confused though: ABC notation can easily be transformed in standard notation, which also is implemented here in this website.
  • When posting tunes, please make sure that they are written as correct as possible and also readable for other users: the user community of this website is quite large and broad, and musicians come from different corners of the world and of the folk universe. Also please write tune information (author, country, where you learned it etc.) as complete as possible.

Documentation is a weak point at the moment... help files will follow by and by. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will try to support you as fast as possible!

have fun!
The Team

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