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MIDIs on Folx Archive

One great thing about ABC notation is that it is very flexible and simple. Thus, many clever people have written software to do things with it. One of these great tools is called ABC2MIDI and creates the opportunity to generate MIDI Files from an ABC source.

MIDI, in case you don't really know, is a simple protocol for music, storing (amongst others) informations about pitch, duration and volume of each note of a piece of music. So it can be used for playback and manipulation of music. It's very handy, and: almost every computer has a MIDI player installed.

On Folx Archive, ABC2MIDI is installed on the server. Therefore, along with sheet music generation, it's possible to generate MIDI files, too: Easy and on the fly.
There's one problem with audible (not just written) music, though: copyright rules are very strict! As we don't want to have problems with copyright laws, we've restricted MIDI generation on this website to traditional tunes and songs. To lable a tune as traditional, please put a composer field into the header of your ABC:


If you include this line in the ABC you posted for a tune, you will find a little "MIDI" link below the tune notation. You can download the MIDI or play it back.

But, what in case someone wants to provide a MIDI for a tune or song that's not traditional? For instance, if it's old enough to be sure it's already free? Or if it's one's own composition or one of a friend? For these cases, we have provided a simple solution: just put the line

N:allow MIDI

into the header informations of your ABC file (for instance after the title field). In this case, a MIDI will be generated for your tune anyway. Nice, huh? Try it out! But be careful to only use it when you're 100% sure it's OK to do so.

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