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Looking for a tune "Damny Lisette" or "Le Duc de Richelieu"

Hi, I'm looking for a tune called "Damny Lisette" or "Le Duc de Richelieu", title perhaps with a different spelling. It's a 2/4, has a Trio and sounds a little bit like a scottish (the dance). It's propably from the late 17th century. Does somebody know the tune and a source for it, perhaps an old manuscript (Belgium/France/Netherland/Germany ???) from that time?

Thank you

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Hi Thomas,
do you need to compare it with the version in Dahlhoff manuscript? ;-)
Cheers, Stoney

Yes, Dahlhoff

Hey Stoney,
we found some tunes in the Dahlhoff collection, which we can find in other sources off this time. The Trio of "Damny Lisette" and "Le Duc de Richelieu" is the wellknown Trio of the "Wernigeröder Tanzbüchlein", there whithout the "main part". Because of the title, I suppose there will be other sources for this tune, perhaps in France or Belgium. I'm just interested in finding musical connections between different european regions.
Some examples of such connections to Dahlhoff:
- "Menuet in Amoll" a version of 33b (coll. of Rasmus Storm, Danmark, ~1760)
- "Menuet Laschene" - a version of menuett de la chaine (coll. Vandembrille, Belgium, 1887, Marinette plays it)
- "Schartlusie" (subtitle "bey den Alten in der kamer" :-)) - a version of La Jalousie/Pannkaukentanz (Wolfenbüttel/Arendsee)
- "Polonaise nach Blitz" (L.Mozart: Notenbuch für W.A.M.,1862, first edition 1922!, shure no composition of Mozart, but obviously known in Salzburg and Westfalia, and 250 years later in Sweden)
...and so on. It's fascinating for me.
cheers, thomas

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