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Røtnams-Knut, Halling

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T:Røtnams-Knut, Halling
S:Knut Buen
N: as played by Knut Buen on the CD "Edward Grieg: Slåtter - Norwegian Peasant Dances Op.72"
N:If played on a fiddle (or similar instrument) tune to ADAE.
[A,8D8A8e8]||(a/g/a/b/)&A2||{g}a>b a{gaga}g&A2 A2|{fe}f>A Dg& A>F G,A|\
|:{g}a>b a{gaga}g&A2 A2|{fe}f>f Dg & A>c G,A::
{g}a2 (a/g/e/b/) & (A {B}A) A2|{fe}f>f Dg & A>c G,A:|\
{g}a>b a{gaga}g&A2 A2|{fe}f>f Dg & A>c G,A|
{ag}a2 (a/g/e/b/) & (A {BAB}A) A2|:{fe}(f{gfg}f) (f/e/)g/(f/ & A2 A2|\
e/d/)f/(e/ d/c/)d/e/ & A/e/A ee/A/:|
{e}(f{gfg}f) (f/e/)g/(f/ & A2 A2| e/d/)f/(e/ d/c/)B/c/ & A/e/A e2|ef f2 & {c}dA {c}d2||\
Ae & (A/G/)(A/B/) |
|: A>e eA & A>B AG | A2 A>e & {E}(F{GFG}F) (F/E/G/B/) :| A>e eA & A>B AG |\
|: A2 A2 & {FE}(F{GFG}F) (F/E/)G/(F/ | A2 A/D/A & E/D/)F/(E/ D/B,/)D/E/ :|
A2 A2 & {FE}(F{GFG}F) (F/E/)G/(F/ | A2 A/D/A & E/D/)F/(E/ D/B,/)D/E/ | (DF) F<{DEDE}D & {CB,C}CC C2| \
D2 (DF)& (C/B,/A,/G,/) {B,}C2|F<{DEDE}D !fermata!D2& C2 G,2||
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