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Edward "Ed" Reavy


Barnagrove, Cavan
53° 59' 39.156" N, 7° 21' 39.2256" W
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Maudabawn Chapel
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Ed Reavy (1897 - 1988) was an Irish-American songwriter, composer of numerous traditional Irish dance tunes. He was from Barnagrove, County Cavan. Reavy was a fiddler, and recorded in 1927 for the Victor record label, including two reels ("The Boys of the Lough" and "Tom Clark's Fancy") and two hornpipe ("The Donegal" and "The Cliff"). More than one hundred of his compositions have been published, and his sons have estimated that there may be more than five hundred in total. His most famous tune may be "The Hunter's House".

Reavy was president of the Irish Musicians' Association of America. In 2000, he was posthumously awarded the title "Composer of the Century" by an Irish-American organization.

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