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Tunes / Songs of this Type: 
't Gentze Juffertje
11. Jänner 2016
15. Jänner 2016
18. Januar - Jig
9me Anglaise
A bottle of vodka, forty Embassy Red and £50 cashback, please
A Trip to the Cottage
Ancient Trance
Another Jig
Atholl Highlander
Black Town Jig
Blacktown Jig
Boer en Boerin
Canadian Jig
Christy Barry's #1
Cricket's March Over The Salt Box, The
Crudds and whey (Henry Atkinson man. 2/p30)
Danish Jig #1
Danish Jig #2
De tweede giga (op klompe)
De Welkomst
Den Toppede Høne fra Vensyssel
Derde giga (suite giga op klompe)
Elsie Marley
Family Jig
Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing
Francaise (Wiegand #71)
Gadagayan Bar
Garrett Barry's
Garrett Barry's
Giga voor de Slinger koort
Giga voor Vader Hans
Guildford Assembly
Hippel op 't Sootie
Horizonto (Dm)
Horizonto (Dm)
Horizonto (Em)
Jenny pluck pears
Jerry's Pipe Jig
Jiggery Pokerwork
Jump at the sun
Kadril van Mechelen
La Boulangere
La Bretonne
La Camargos
La Colombe
La fée des dents
La Holtherman
La petitte lefevre
Les Bois
Losing his winter coat
Malbrough s'en va-t'en guerre
March of the Kings of Laois
Menuet de la chaine
Mixed Blessing
Moll of the Wood
Morgan Rattler
Morrison's Jig
Movrin aus Hötting
Mrs. Midnights Maggot
Much To Do About Nothing
Mynydd yr Heliwr (The Hunter's Mountain)
Nora Crionna
Oh, the tunes that we played in the summer
Oh, the tunes that we played in the summer
Paddy Fahey's
Prins Karel II
Rémis Jig
Rolling Wave
Rykande Fåglar
Scatter the Mud
Sherbrooke Jig
Spirit of the Dance
Strop the Razor
Te Warmelo in 't Haantie
The Blarney Pilgrim
The bunch of roses
The Creel Of Turf
The Hag with Her Keg on her Shoulder
The Kesh Jig
The Lad that keeps the Cattle (Henry Atkinson man. 1/p142)
The Lad with the Trousers on
The Lisnagun
The Living Bridge
The Lounge Bar
The Minor Rigged Ship
The Minor Rigged Ship (Am version)
The Minor Rigged Ship (Bm version)
The Moon & Seven Stars
The Moon and Seven Stars (another version)
The Red Haired Berni (G / Am)
The Skylark's Ascension
The Trip To London
The Wedding Jig
Trekantet sløjfe fra Thy
Tyroller oder deutscher Danz #39
Violin Trio Jig
Wednesday Express
Zelda (Cm/Dm)
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