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Early in the morning (Canon)

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T:Early in the morning
"1."A,2B, B,2A, B,3 B,3 |z2B,-B,2A,B,3B,3|\
w:Ear-ly in the mor-ning|When* I wake up|
"2."A,2B, B,2A, B,3 C3 |D3 C3 B,3 C2C|
w:Ear-ly in the mor-ning|When I wake up, I|
"3."F2F-F2F-F3 z2F|E2E-E2E-E3 z2E|\
w:Brush my* teeth* I|eat my* bread* I|
"4."D2D-D2D-D2D D2D|C2C-C2B, C3z3|
w:drink my* cof-*fee and I|go back* to bed|
"5."F6- F3 F3|E6- E3 F3 |"6."D2B,-B,9-|B,3z9|
w:Ear-*ly|in_ the | mor-ning_||
"7."A6- A3 B3|G6- G3 E3 |"8."F2B,-B,9-|B,3z9|
w:Ear-*ly|in_ the | mor-ning_||

Early in the morning when I wake up.
Early in the morning when I wake up.
I brush my teeth, I eat my bread
I drink my coffee and I go back to bed
Early in the morning
Early in the morning.


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Somebody can help me to find this sond as a video or mp3?
Thank you!

I can have a look...

I might still have a recording from the Ethno where Megan taught it to us. Otherwise I can maybe record it for you. As for the moment, you can use the MIDI (-
click on the link below the sheet music)

Thank you! I look forward...

I would be grateful if you could help me with an mp3 version or a recorded one.
Keep in touch!
Thank you very much!

Ethno Histria 2007 recording

You can find it here:
It's part of a longer concert recording. The particular song starts at about 6:20. The sound quality is not perfect, but it should be OK to give you a first impression.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the link it was very useful for me!
God bless you!
Best wishes!


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