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Dat du min leevsten büst

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T:Dat du min leevsten b\"ust
C:trad, Northern Germany
D2 F2 A2 | E2 EC A,2 | D2 F2 A2 | E6 |
w:Dat du min Leev-sten_ b\"ust, dat du wohl wee\sst.
|:G2 BA G2 | F2 AG F2 | E2 D2 E2 |1 F2 A4 :|2 D4 x2 |
w:Kumm bi de Nacht, kumm bi de Nacht, segg, wo du hee\sst. %%

1. Dat du min Leevsten büst,
dat du wohl weeßt.
Kumm bi de Nacht, kumm bi de Nacht,
segg, wo du heeßt.

2.Kumm du um Mitternacht,
kumm du Klock een.
Vader slöppt, Moder slöppt,
ich slap alleen.

3. Klopp an de Kammerdör,
fat an de Klink.
Vader meent, Moder meent,
dat deit der Wind.

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i couldn't figure out how to get umlaute and ß into the abc file. can anyone recommend a page on diacritics in abc notation? thanks!

Really great source for how to write pretty much everything in abc! Occasionally their recommendations for diacritics don't seem to work on archive.folx but it's a good starting place...

thanks - worked out fine,

thanks - worked out fine, this time :-)

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