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Type of Tune / Song: 
Composed by: 
Paul James
Sheet Music from ABC:

ABC Code:
X: 1
T: Horizonto
C:Paul James
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
N: Kieren chords added 9.2014 - these chords are just one possibility!
|: "Am" efe dec|dBc ABG|E2E ABc|"G"B2B GAB|"F"c2c cdc|"G"B2B GAB|
"Am"cBA BAG|"Em"E^FG "Am"A3 :| "Dm"F2A ABc|F2A ABc|"Am"E2A ABc|E2A ABc|
"Dm"F2A ABc|F2A ABc|"Em"efe dec|dBc ABG|"Dm"F2A ABc|F2A ABc|
"Am"E2A ABc|E2A ABc|"Dm"F2A ABc|F2A ABc|"D"^F2A ABc|^F2A ABc||
"F"f2e2dc|"G7"B3 Bcd|"C"e2d2cB|"F"A3 ABc|"Dm"d2c2BA|"E7"^G3 GAB|
"Am"c2d2^d2|"A7"e3 ede|"Dm"f2g2f2|"G7"B3 Bcd|"C"e2f2e2|"F"A3 ABc|
"Dm"d2c2BA|"E7"^G3 GAB|"Am"cBA "Em" ABG |"Am"A3z3 || %%
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