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Ruben Ranzo (Spiers/Boden version)

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T:Ruben Ranzo (Spiers/Boden version)
GA|Bc BA GA A2{G} |GG G2 AGz G/A/|\
w:1.~(S:)~Well it's poor old Ru-ben Ran_zo (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo! (S:)Yes it's
Bc BA F2 (CD) |FA c2 GF2z||\
w:poor old Ru-ben Ran-zo_ (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo!
Bc BA (GA) A2 |GG G2 AGz A|\
w:2.~(S:)Ran-zo was no sai_lor (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo! (S:)~He
Bc BA (FC) (CD) |FA c2 GF2||
w:was a New York tai--lor_ (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo!
A|B>c BA (GA)A2 |GG G2 AGz B|\
w:3.~(S:)~He was a New York tai_lor (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo! (S:)~Shang-
B>c BA (FC)C2 |FAc2 GF2||\
w:haied a-board a wha_ler (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo!
B|Bc BA (GA)A2{G} |GG G2 AG zB|\
w:4.~(S:)~They put him ho-ly sto_ning (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo! (S:)~And
Bc BA F2C2 |FAc2 GF2|]\
w:cared not for his groa-ning (all:)~Ran-zo boys, Ran-zo!
W:5.They gave him lashes thirty / Because he was so dirty
W:6.They gave him lashes twenty / That's twenty more than plenty
W:7.O Ranzo nearly fainted / When his back with oil was painted
W:8. The captain gave him thirty / His daughter begged for mercy
W:9. She took him to her cabin / And tried to ease his moanin'
W:10. She gave him rum and water / And a bit more than she oughter
W:11. She gave him education / And taught him navigation
W:12. She made him the best sailor / On board that New York whaler
W:13. He married the captain's daughter / And still sails on salt water
W:14. He's known where'er the whalefish blow / As the toughest bastard on the go
W:15. Huzzah! For Ruben Ranzo / Huzzah! For Captain Ranzo!


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